7 tips for buying equestrian properties

If you are thinking of purchasing a home or ranch land, then you should take your time and decide wisely whether to the property is right for you or not. If you are new in this sector, then you will have a tough time picking up the right property. Following are some tips from the experts in the field.


The location is important when buying an equestrian property. You should first identify your needs. Some people prefer the county, whereas others like the property to be near a good road network. If you look for areas that are less desirable to the residential buyers, then you will give better value for your money.


If you have to do lots of road work and hacking, then it is important to have access to bridle paths. You must find out if there are any toll rides in the area.


You should consider if the property is HGV friendly or not. If it is located down a narrow country lane, consider if there are passing places. If the property can be accessed from the main road, then you should find out if there is good visibility. You should think about the entrance too. There would be enough turning space.

Type of soil

The type of soil of the property is very important. The free draining chalky soils are the best. It will result in the most grazing and turnout. If the land is heavy, like clay, you may have to spend large amounts of drainage or deal with poaching during winter months.


These properties need a high amount of water. It is better to have a direct supply of mains water, rather than any shared supply. The pipes need to be insulated where exposed. There should be a number of drains present around the yard.


The yard should be visible from the house. If it isn’t visible, then you need to install CCTV cameras in the premises. You can also have electric gates and an alarm system to keep your property safe.


You can personalize the stables with the type of design you want. If the planning and infrastructure are already present, then you can go for an upgrade.

You should be careful in buying properties that have too many facilities. It might become difficult for you to maintain the property in the future. You should look for good quality and professionally built facilities and infrastructure. Buying equestrian homes and ranch land is a very difficult task. You should take the opinion of an expert in the field before buying the property.