How to avoid real estate litigation

Real estate litigation is a necessary legal method for disputes relating to real estate property. Mostly, this kind of lawsuits arises from disagreements at the time of purchasing, financing, or property development. Such kind of lawsuit may cost you a lot in terms of time and finances. However, there is always a solution to everything. Below is a detailed article on a few things to help you minimize the chances of a lawsuit. They include:

Make everything known

It’s against the law to hide any negative information pertaining to a transaction from a client. There are many agents who have had their licenses canceled for failing to disclose negative materials in their ownership. There are indications showing that over 70% of lawsuits in real estate are related to disclosure matters.

Respond to Clients

Learn to swiftly address grievances. As a matter of fact, most complaining clients are only interested in your attention. If you listen to them, then a solution is possible to many arising issues before they end up in court. A client will be compelled to file for a lawsuit once they feel ignored. Engage your clients in seeking solutions and rest be assured you will settle most issues outside the court.

Specialize in your field

It’s the expectations of most clients that you understand all details concerning real estate development. Avoid giving false information to satisfy a genuine and needy client. It’s your role to inform your clients of who you are and what are your roles. If a client requires the services of real estate dispute lawyers, be open to direct them instead of pretending to be one. You cannot handle all issues unrelated to your expertise.

Avoid Double Agency

For any real estate transaction, avoid representing both the seller and the buyer. The problem comes in balancing the two parties and maintaining their loyalty. All you need is to recommend somebody else.

Avoid Conflicts of Interest

Client satisfaction should be your first priority. Don’t be selfish at the expense of your clients. It’s your role to earn trust from clients and the only way to achieve it is through putting their interests first.

Use Reminders

With many things going in your mind, it’s possible to forget some other important issues. However, such unintentional mistakes come with their own price. To do so, use checklists and organize your work. Doing so will help you remember everything for your own well.

Offer Remarkable Service

Dedicated real estate agents rarely get into the wrong side of the law. Be genuine in your deals and offer excellent services at all costs. Give feedback through calls and emails when needed. In addition, be readily available to attend and listen to your client’s needs. That said, be realistic in your work and you will make your clients happy. Its unlikely for a satisfied client to file a lawsuit in case something goes wrong.


Incorporation helps reduce effects on your business assets as well as finances. In addition, you will gain a number of tax benefits when you become a professional limited company.

Get insurance

Consider getting liability insurance to avoid any possibility of litigation. Remember as a broker or an agent, you will be driving clients around your business. Anything is possible during that time. Check with the insurance provider and ensure all this is covered. You can also get omission insurance necessary for your work.

Hire real estate dispute lawyers

Always use a lawyer when making a deal from the start to the end. An experienced attorney knows how to draft, bargain and interpret the contract deals. Remember, you are not well versed with all documented information involved in this area.

You may not understand all your rights and requirements thus making it difficult to perform appropriately. The lawyer will check if the deal is well documented with no hidden terms which may terminate the deal. Complications begin when unclear language is used in signing a contract.

Stick to the terms of the contract

It’s important to follow and live by the terms provided in the contract. It will make it easier to stand through the deadlines provided such as inspections, and making payments. The point here is that you should not give the other party a chance to end the contract.

Changes to the deal should be in writing

You may decide with the other to amend the contract agreements. However, remember to put everything on paper. This will assist in case of future problems.

The bottom line

Consider hiring real estate dispute lawyers to evaluate every situation of the contract from the beginning. Their legal guidance at this stage can save you from a time consuming and hectic litigation.