The United States is a rich country. It is rich in culture and people. In fact, it is one of the most diverse countries in the world. For this reason, 1 Horse Property offers different real estate options for you and your family. Whatever your preferences are, you’ll find one that suits you. Here are some of our first class offerings at 1 Horse Property.

Single-Family Detached Homes


These homes are perfect for families that want privacy. These homes are built on lots and occupied by just one family. They are not attached to a building or any similar structure. Some examples of single-family detached homes are the American Colonial house, the cottage, the manor, the log cabin, and 1920s-inspired houses.

Click THIS LINK to see the single-family detached homes on our list.

Semi-Detached Homes


Semi-detached homes consist of two single-family homes that are connected to each other by a wall. Most of the time, these homes are similarly designed down to the size and the color. It is often referred to as a duplex.

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Multi-Unit Houses



Apartments are usually contained in a building. Living in an apartment exposes you to different neighbors. There are high-rise apartment buildings, and there are smaller ones. We have a variety of both. Check out our list HERE.



Condominiums are individual apartments that are contained in a building. Most condominiums have building fees for maintenance purposes. Tenants or residents share a lobby, hallways and corridors, elevators and stairways, rooftops, and even parking areas. Our list of available condominiums can be accessed by clicking THIS LINK.

Studio Apartments


A studio apartment is perfect for newlyweds, for bachelors/bachelorettes, and students. It is located in a building and is usually just a single room divided into a living room, bedroom, and a kitchenette. The bathroom is normally set on one side, either near the bedroom area or the kitchenette. Most studios do not have wall divisions, only portable dividers.

Our studio apartments are quite popular. Check out our list HERE.

In case you cannot see the type of home you like in the list above, please contact 716-720-3400 to get the details you need.